How to Rent a Home by Owner - Book Review

23 Oct

How to Rent Home Offices by Owner is not about selling your office space or any other commercial property for that matter but it's all about how to maximize your profits through real estate investing. The author of this book, Steve LeVine, is an experienced investor and property manager who have sold properties and rented apartments, as well as many residential rental properties for more than 20 years.

You must have a clear vision on what type of commercial properties you would like to invest in and how to market your rental properties to get the best returns. LeVine explains how to assess your own capacity to meet up with local and state laws before you begin to advertise your properties for sale. Also consult an accountant or attorney to learn about the handling of escrow deposits, security deposits and credit reports, minimum lease and rental terms, the right use of credit reports and other regulations for tenants. You will also need to learn about rental management, financial reporting, and leasing agreements, such as lease-purchase option, first-month deposit, and so on. You can see here for additional information about how to rent a home by owner, .

If you already own a commercial or rental property, how do you find tenants to fill up your vacant spaces? That is where the next section of the book comes into play. It addresses this problem from an entirely different angle. LeVine teaches you how to sell your rental properties by offering them up to landlords who are willing to pay less than market value to rent your properties.

The first step to selling your property is to contact your existing tenants. Offer them a discount if they agree to give you a referral, or you can use a tenant referral service to generate leads for your potential buyers. You need to know more why the Vivid Home company is the best solution in property management on this page.

Once you have your possible tenants lined up, set up a face-to-face meeting with your potential tenants to assess their needs and interests. You may want to hire a private investigator to run background checks on the prospective tenants or you may want to hire a private property manager to manage your vacant properties.

In order to manage your vacant properties, you will have to hire a property manager. A property manager should know how to properly advertise for potential tenants in local newspapers and in magazines, as well as to find the best property to rent your vacant properties. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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